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​School Vacation Care

Learn Polynesian Culture!

Who doesn't love Moana?

TAI PERERAU Tahitian Dance School provide Tahitian Dance lesson for kids ( year 1 - Year 6 ) as Vacation care programs.

Children love dancing with tropical up-beat music.

Please check our 3 benefits of our education program below.

Program details

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1. Learn Other Culture

Watching videos for acknowledging  Tahitian culture. Being open to and respectful of another’s cultural perspectives or background is the essential of being culturally competent. 


2. Pacific Island Activities

We have multiple activities which are relative to Pacific island culture or Nature conservation such as craft, cooking and group games.


3. Let's Dance Like Moana!

Practice basic Polynesian dance movements ( Tahitian, Samoan, Cookisland ) and special choreography!

We imitate animals and nature with our body and connect with them.


Instructor : Rina

I am Director of TAI PERERAU - Tahitian Dance School also

a child educator at childcare centre and Before and After school.

I have professional experiences at 4 months years old baby to 12 years old children.

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