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Instructor: Rina 

I was born in Japan and I entered the world of Polynesian dance, because I was fascinated by its  mysterious power to purify the mind.

Tahitian dance helped me to improve my mental state and health. It has also showed me a beautiful world and gave me confidence, so I decided to bring this amazing culture to people all over the world to help them express themselves.

Our dance group is called "Tai Pererau", which means "ocean wings" (Tai = ocean, Pererau = wings/birds).

My inspiration for this name are manta rays. I personally regard mantas as Guardian of ocean. I admire their strong and elegant swimming style and I aim to incorporate their fluid motions into my dance.


  • Danced in Tavake Rereata in Japan.

  • Attended the 2019 Heiva competition in Tokyo Japan and won 1st place with Tavake.

  • Started online and in-person classes in 2020 

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