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Mens large size Logo T-shirts 

( Japanese は下記へ )

Get our logo t-shirts and support the marin arine conservation.


From September, TAI PERERAU will start new project for protecting our environment and wildlife.


$1 from your each purchase will be donated annually to Marine / Wildlife conservationists NPO of Australia and French Polynesia.

How amazing that dancing with us or using our product help the planet .

Please support us, nature and wildlife!

Mens small size T-shirts is on the pictures.


This year, we will donate to those NPO. 






タイペレラウでダンスをする( 対面クラス)か私たちのロゴグッズのご購入から$1ずつ、オーストラリアとフレンチポリネシアの海洋保護NPOに年間で寄付を開始します. 


今年度のドネーション先は以下: instagram account 




* 日本からのご購入はこちらのサイトをご利用ください。


TAI PERERAU _ Logo T-shirts ( LARGE )

  • Shipping available within Australia.

    Shipping fee are included.

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